Danielle + Adam :: Part I

I finally have these finished!! My cousin's wedding day went beautifully, and I was there to document it, of course with the help of the talented Beth to fill in when I had to fulfill my bridesmaid duties :)

I'm splitting this up in several posts, mainly because of the bulk of photos to show - I was with these two pretty much nonstop from 5pm on Friday to 11pm on Saturday, camera in hand. Today's post has a few from the rehearsal dinner and the details and getting ready shots - enjoy!

During the rehearsal dinner the sun was setting beautifully so I pulled them out to take advantage of it:

and of course there was a healthy dose of silly :)

the light was gorgeous!

flash forward to the next morning, just after the breakfast us bridesmaids had together:

the dress shop is just a few blocks from the church, so we walked the dress there!

this shot and the next sums up Danielle's favorite things - turquoise and bling :)

my view

Beth's view :)

bright colored shoes - that's my girl :)

While us girls were bustling around getting ready, the guys were eating and doing this:

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post - the ceremony!


Danielle said...

LOVE. THESE. PICTURES. Megan - you are absolutely amazing!

Beth Berry said...

Yay! Love that the groomsmen with their paper plate faces made it in :)

Judi said...

LOV.LOVE,YOUR ART MEGAN, YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AMAZING AND TALENTED. LOVE THESE SHOTS!! i might be a little partial !! cant wait till tomorrow. love aunt judi.