Danielle + Adam :: Part II

So! LOTS more photos of D & Adam's wedding! I'll just keep the jabber short and pick up where we left off yesterday [but, you may want to grab a snack as this will take a while :)]

a few last minute touches before walking down the aisle. . .

a few last moments with Dad. . .[that's my uncle Rick]

Oh yeah!! I forgot this detail yesterday - this is Austin the ringbearer [and Danielle's nephew] holding the rings in a pillow shaped like a MacBook Pro [Adam's a techie guy] LOVE it!

I love this cute moment :)

Danielle and I worked on the wedding day schedule together, and we both came up with locations to fill the. . .ready? . . .3 HOURS of photo time!!
ummm. . .I took a lot of photos. If I'm given time, I'll take all of it ;)

I LOVE this alley!

[doin' what I do]

I love everything about this photo!


. . hey - that girl on the far right looks familiar. . .

D - you should get a BIG canvas of this one!

LOVE that pop of color!

fun with sunglasses!

[she's really photogenic so I took a LOT of pics of her ;)]


this next location was just across the street from the reception hall - and it was PERFECT!


[we had an audience]


D - you also need a big canvas of this one. Srsly.

Then it was on to the reception!

[can you guess what her favorite color is?]

the beautiful cake, and the coolest grooms cake ever [they even had takeout boxes for guests!]

my sister and I made them pimp chalices for the head table :)

[for the record, the Berry Lemonade Jones Soda tastes like Pixie Stix. drink in moderation :)]

she had a lot of cute details - the tables were named after a particular place that has meaning to them, and at each place setting they had moo cards with their address on the back [not to mention a stunning photo on the front :)]

the candy was their favor - little bags with tags that read 'she fell in love with a nerd and he married his sweetheart' - so cute! and made for a fun ring shot :)

meet Chloe - Danielle's niece and the f.g. [her mom was the Maid of Honor, also my cousin]


I LOVE this shot that Beth got!

After the first dance I snuck them out for some sunset shots - it was overcast and we were a few minutes late, but I wouldn't change it. what we got was so soft and romantic - I love these!

Whew! The End!
Danielle, Adam, Aunt Judi, Robyn - I hope you enjoyed reliving the day!

**what do you all think of the mammoth post? Too much? Or do you like seeing more of the day? Let me know so I can either do more of these or not do it anymore :)


Robyn said...

Megan, I wish I was right there to give you a BIG HUG!!! Everyday I look at pics on your site and feel the connection with people I don't even know:) because you have a wonderful gift of capturing "the moment!" Today when I looked at these beautiful photos I cried because they are of MY son, MY daughter-in-law...they are beautiful!!!! I am so grateful that you not only shared the day as family and a lovely bridesmaid but that you were able to help us relive and tell the story of their wedding day!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love, Robyn

Jamie Suhre said...

I definatly think you should do more mega posts. I absolutely love coming to your site and seeing a new post! Yay. You are so talented and I can't wait to have another photoshoot of my own. (Which I will be getting in touch with you soon for...) So yes, please more long posts. I love them!

Judi said...

Megan, i am in tears at the beauty you have captured on this beautiful day!!!Amazing talent you possess!! they are so awesome. thank you for this site!!I enjoy looking at it quite often!lol.Even though i am a newbee to the computer!!haha.Talk to you soon. much love aunt judi.

mandie said...

SO PRETTY!!! awww! and yes i love the mega posts! Great Job, Danielle is the most beautiful bride ever. :)

Landlocked Bride said...

Great pictures! We're doing MOO cards, too!

KellyB said...

I like long posts! I look at your blog everyday to see what you have posted! LOVE THE PICS!!!!

Lisa Hessel said...

Ah! I have spent the last day or so trying to figure out where I knew your cousin from... his face just looked so familiar. When I saw that MacBook Pro pillow, I knew :). I have many apple products... and many apple questions :). Love the photos, btw. you're a rock star :).

Jen said...

I freakin' LOVE that color!!! I have a bunch of accents like that in my kitchen. She made a great choice. Lovely photos by the way! Hope you're not fully booked if and when I ever get married!! :)

Love the shots by the fence, very dreamy...

I need to open a "Candy Bar" business. That would be so much fun to do.

Taisiya said...

Great Post! looks like you guys had sooo much fun. P.S. I love your bridesmaid shoes :)

Danielle said...
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