Danielle + Adam

My cousin Danielle and her fiance Adam met with me last Sunday for a fun engagement shoot downtown. I was excited because it's always fun to hang around with friends and photograph them, plus I get to make them do the things I want them to do :) WARNING: I've known D for all her life, and Adam for several years, so needless to say I have a lot of favorites! It's easy to be partial to a lot of them :)
We started off in the parking garage between the Landing and the Arch grounds:

the light was nice in the stairwell, which was a bonus because - if you remember last Sunday - it was raining! Danielle and Adam were game and so was I, so the challenge was set!

she even had cute shoes [my kinda girl] but I'm sure they were soaked!

They rocked it, though - I'm really happy with the results! After all - I had no idea how they'd turn out because I haven't done a shoot in the rain before :) Sprinkles, yes, but this was a full rain!

she brought a fun umbrella and we went to work

I really like this one!

. . .some goofing around. . .

I love how you can see the water run down the arch :)

DEFINITELY a favorite - it's hard to do something 'different' with the arch :) I love how reflective it is when it's freshly cleaned and/or still wet!

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know I love to play with umbrellas :)

I'm really proud of this shot! Luckily for us the garage was mostly empty, and the 'H' was open [D's new last name will be Hosp] Thanks to my pal Tracy for hanging out in the rain with us and for holding the light for me for this shot:)

I bought the shutter shades specifically for these two! I knew they'd be up to having fun with their photos!

hahaaa! I had to get the shots in quickly between bouts of laughter :)

the rain had let up, but the cobblestones were still shiny - I love this shot!

another favorite :)

Their wedding is in August and I can't wait! I get to be a bridesmaid for the first time!! You'll have to stay tuned to the blog to see some pics of their beautiful wedding, and maybe a few pics of me in action while wearing a dress and heels :)


mxq said...

megan, you are phenomenal! really. i love all of your shots, all of the time but i really like the last shots with the great back lighting.


Taisiya said...

Love the wide angle black and white one with the umbrella! Looks like the Eiffel Tower should be there in the background somewhere. Very Fun!!

Danielle said...

i love you........... A LOT. These are so amazing. I cannot stop looking!! I want these printed huge all over the place right now!

Emily said...

Seriously amaaaaazing work. Mind if I borrow a shot for my blog? :)

Megan said...

I love all of these compliments! And yes, Emily - use all you want!!