Jennifer and Maurice

Jen & Maurice's wedding was in early October, and a few weeks ago we did a 'day after' session in Forest Park. It was a little chilly, but very sunny - the perfect November Sunday, in my opinion :) They brought Kimmora along for a few, and we got a lot of great shots free from the stress of the wedding day. Here are a few:

this one's my favorite! I love the feel of it.

I really like this one, too - the Art Museum is one of my favorite places to shoot [imagine that, an Art major likes the Art Museum!]

the whole family!

Ha! I love the look on Kimmora's face :)

I'll be out of town for the next few days with my family, so
have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


I had the pleasure of photographing Aiden a few weeks ago at his house. I got to take his first pictures about a year ago, right after he was born, and his mom asked me to do it again now that he's a whole year old :) He got so big! He's such a boy, too :) Here are a few from that day:

he got to ride around for a while, and I got to bug him while he did it :)

then when he got bored he ran off to do something else! I got quite a few shots of him running away :)

here's another one :) I like how babies wobble.

then he got to play with Dad

then he showed me his room, and his awesome caterpillar-thingy. if you squeeze his antennae, he sings!

but you have to squeeze reeeaally hard!

then we had reading time

this one's definitely a favorite! I love how he has his legs crossed! SO cute!



Ashley, TJ & Norman

On the afternoon of Halloween [a gorgeous fall afternoon] I met with Ashley and TJ, and their dog Norman, for their engagement session. The trees at Tower Grove Park were just about perfect - the leaves were still there and most were a brilliant orange. Here are a few from their session:

I know one thing - their kids are gonna have gorgeous eyes!

it's Norman's turn!

this is quite possibly my favorite pet shot ever :) aside from Sadie and Rocky, of course

Norman's really silly :)

he had been a good boy, so he got to play Frisbee when we were done

yup - all fours off the ground :)

Thanks guys for a fun afternoon at the park!


something to make you smile

I'm going through a few photos from a recent session with the 'kids' and thought I'd share this one with you. HA!

Have a good weekend!


Mandy and Travis's wedding was about a month ago, and a few weeks ago we did Mandy's bridal session without worry of getting her dress dirty :) We took the photos on her family's property on a truly gorgeous day - one of the last of the year. Here are a few:

this one's a definite favorite!

hmmm . . .lots of black and white :) she has such a vintage look, it just feels right!

no - this one's my favorite :)

this is very 1920s - perfect for her look, I think :)

Thanks Mandy for the great afternoon! Best of luck to you and Travis!


Jody & Jeff, the couple

Today you get to meet Jeff and Jody :) First up, the very lovely Jody. Her hair and veil are gorgeous and were so much fun to photograph! Check her out!

and here's Jeff, looking very dapper before the wedding :)

I love that light! So pretty!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

we went down to the wine cellar for a few dramatic shots - these are some of my favorites

The End! Thanks guys for having me at your wedding!