Codi + Jon's big day!

Codi and Jon were married in Jeff City in St. Peters church a few weeks ago on a gorgeous, sort of non-humid August day [I know! I thought it was weird too!] I was excited to see Codi as a bride because she is all sorts of gorgeous, and she definitely didn't disappoint. There are a lot of photos of her ;) Well, there are just a lot of photos in general - its another mammoth post! Apparently everyone likes them and I aim to please. So - without further ado, the photos!

very pretty :) If you have to do flats, might as well be shiny and metallic! [I'm in love with the lens flare in this photo]

the rosary was Codi's sister's - I love when people include cherished items in their details

I gave Codi a chance to chill while I bugged the guys - this is how I found them [LOVE this shot!]

Jon gave their little girl a ring 'just like mommy's' before the ceremony - so sweet!

such a leader! btw - don't all of the red pocket points look badass all together?

she smiles reeealllly big!

if you look at the guys in the background, you can probably tell they were razzing him pretty good :)

this is what groomsmen do if they have a few minutes before the wedding. fast food is often seen. this is the best man - note that the rings have not left his sight!

time for Codi to get ready!

I LOVE her veil - there was so much of it! made for great photos :)

she's so pretty!

definitely one of my all-time favorite bridal portraits!

Time for the ceremony!

Here's the ring bearer, dutifully waiting for the flower girl. . . .

who was otherwise indisposed :)

St. Peters is so pretty inside!

The new Mr. & Mrs!

afterward we took the whole wedding party [which was a LOT of people] to the Capitol, arguably the best place to take wedding photos in Jeff City. It happens to be right across the street from the church!

the light here was so beautiful - I didn't want to stop shooting there!

I LOVE this photo!

gorgeous! kind of a 'Cinderella' moment :)

After the photos the whole wedding party went on a tractor-pulled hayride for some [maybe too much for some people] fun :)

again - lots of people :) they were all SO nice and a ton of fun - the night flew by quickly!

we headed back to the reception site, and we tried to get a quick family shot while the light was buttery and beautiful. . .
she looks trilled, doesn't she?

so cute together!

I usually don't post dancing photos, but recently [twice since this wedding] I've encountered the Invisible Jump Rope. I adore this new reception spectacle! Check it out!

several people really got some air!

[in case you were wondering - yes. most of the beer ended up on the floor]

not sure what they were doing here, but I'm sure it was funny :)

This guy was very camera-aware and loved it. He gave me several funny photos:

nope - not talking. He did this face or a variation of it for several photos.

see? If you're reading this, Mr. Wedding Guest, thanks for the laughs :)

Jeff City people love to party! Look how many people were on the dance floor!

The End! I sort of counted it up, and I think there are around 75 photos - it's like you were there, huh? I hope you enjoyed them!

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Jen said...

LOVE the black & white shots with the cast-down eyelashes. Who has eyelashes THAT long?! The one with the veil was very "Bridgette Bardot" loved it!!