Coby + Mike

I met Coby and Mike on the Loop a few Saturdays ago, and had a fun time taking photos [well, I had fun - and I just assumed they had a good time too. How could they not? I'm cool :) ] It was sunny and springy - just what I've been waiting for. I've done a lot of cold and cloudy shoots and it's time to change it up!
On to the photos!

they're very relaxed around each other and you can definitely tell they have fun when they're together :)

Coby has a great smile [and great taste - don't you love that shirt?!]

lots of laughs that day :)

i like these kinds of shots :)

This was hilarious! I haven't had anyone do this . . . she's little but she's strong :)

so warm and happy :) definitely a favorite.

another favorite :)

and another favorite :)

Thanks guys! I can't wait for your wedding this summer!


Mandy + Class of '09

Last week [when it was warm - remember that?] I hung out with Mandy and took A TON of photos. She's very photogenic, and she's very into fashion so she had lots of fun outfits - I think we had a good time. We even got to swing for awhile!

hello blue eyes!

I love the feel of this one - it feels like summer :)

This one's definitely a favorite!

we had fun at the playground - but I wasn't very good at it. It's been a while :)

I was so happy the bradford pears were blooming - they made for some fun portraits

The End! Thanks Mandy!


yesterday . . .

was really windy!


Baby Jayne

A few weeks ago I photographed the lovely baby Jayne, just in time for Easter. She has the prettiest blue eyes, and a curious nature - always analyzing her surroundings :) Here are a few from her session:

this is the look I get most from babies - suspicion :)

this one's definitely a favorite - it reminds me of a really old photo you'd find in an antique store :)

something tells me she doesn't like being a bunny :)

the classic 'come on, give us a smile!' move

I really like this one - I think she's had enough!

there's that smile! she has a pretty one, doesn't she?

definitely my favorite :)

The End!


Busch Stadium Pics!

A friend of mine emailed me recently giving me this fantastic opportunity - to photograph a wedding for Busch Stadium Special Events! Of course I jumped on it right away :) So bright and early Friday morning I got there - luckily it was a sunny cloudless day - and I took a ton of photos. Check 'em out!

Rachel provided the gorgeous flowers! Check her out - she's very talented and so nice!

we liked them both, so they both deserve a photo :)

the dugout had great light - and I think my Dad may be jealous now :)