Leslie & Brent - the couple

Without further ado, here are the photos of Leslie and Brent - you've seen some, but there are many more! Everything was at the Renaissance, so I got to spend every spare minute photographing them - I NEVER get to do that! They were also troopers and braved the cold to get the shot. Have I mentioned that I like them?

I loved taking advantage of the classic feel of the wedding - and I think this fits right in :)

it was so easy photographing in the crystal ballroom - the light was sooo perfect!

I loved photographing Leslie - she's such a beauty!

this one's definitely a favorite - it's in the elevator! I love the strong light and the mirror :)

This is my all-time favorite bridal shot - the dress, the veil, the flowers, the window and drapes - it's gorgeous! But I may be kind of biased. . .

Leslie - you probably already know, but you have stellar eyes!

since I had lots of time to take photos, I got to play with my light. I'm pretty happy with it, too!

Brent's not so bad, either :)

this is just moments after they said 'I do' - and I love their huge smiles!

night shots are my favorite - this one's graciously provided by Washington Ave :)

[if you couldn't tell, I really like that big light]

The End!

Thanks guys for an awesome New Years! Brandon and I had a wonderful time - thanks for having us with you!

Leslie & Brent - part II

LOTS of photos of this wedding to post still! Today I'll share some of the great moments of the day, then tomorrow I have a record-breaking post of just the couple, 'cause they're so photogenic :) Soooo - on to the photos!

we took separate photos before the ceremony, and everything was right at the hotel - I really like when that happens :)

the ceremony was simply beautiful. that's all I can say :)

so nice! they're so happy - you can tell!

I just thought this was too cute not to share :)

their first kiss of 2009!!

Stay tuned for more pics of them tomorrow . . .


Leslie & Brent + New Years Eve!!

Leslie and Brent were married on New Years Eve at the fabulous Renaissance Grand downtown. Everything was so beautiful and sooo much fun! They truly love each other and they are both such warm and caring people - all of their guests were treated like royalty, including me. I never felt like I was working at all - I just got to go to an awesome party :) Heck, I was just happy that I had plans on New Years [I'm typically a pretty boring person who ever gets out]
Today I'm posting just the details - Leslie has a great eye, so really fun details were everywhere! I'm starting with the shoes, as usual - and Leslie had the most fun shoes I've photographed so far! Check out these babies!

her 'something blue' - love it!

I think she needs to get a REALLY big print of this one to hang in her living room :) Heck, I'm thinking about it!

I think this is a record - THREE photos of the shoes! I just really like this fun detail :)

their rings, all snuggled up together :) I know quite a few girls who are drooling over Leslie's ring right now! Including me :)

A very pretty cake, in the very pretty setting provided so graciously by the hotel :)

something to set the tone for the evening :)

the bouquet - luscious and dark and very dramatic. perfect!

she had this fantastic estate diamond bracelet that I'm totally in love with

the Crystal Ballroom - my new favorite venue

the groom's cake, because he really likes baseball :) I REALLY like their sense of humor :)

the ice sculpture, and the signature martini that was served off of it

the fireworks that marked the start of the new year.

Thanks guys!


Christy & Cody

Christy and Cody are the cutest couple :) I photographed their engagement session this summer, and they had the prettiest winter wedding in my hometown right after Christmas. On to the photos!

I love this detail! Cody's a police officer, and Christy found this garter with the perfect charm :)

the rings - very classic and VERY sparkly. The best kind :)

she had a very classic look, so it was easy to get a nice, simple portrait

I love all of the old country churches around here :) so pretty!

Cody - who I thought was surprisingly laid back that day! I was sure he'd be nervous :)

introducing the new Mr. & Mrs.!!!

This is the only time we got some photos before the monsoon that soon followed :) Not too shabby, I think!

their cake was gorgeous and fit the winter theme perfectly! all the snowflakes were fun to photograph, too :) Thanks to my sister Fallan who got roped into helping me that day!

The End! Good luck together in your new life!