chillin' with the kiddos

A few weeks ago [yes - I'm that far behind!] Brandon's little sister and brother, Sydney & Barrett, came up to visit me and hang out for a day! We hung out at a local park, ate lunch with big bro Brandon, and played with the dogs. Something fun before Syd had to head back to school. I of course brought my camera :)

"cheeeese!" He knows what cameras are for.

new places are fun for exploring . . .

and good for jumping.

if you don't get what you want, obviously they can't hear you. say it louder.

Syd looks really peaceful and calm here - pretty unusual [and I swear I didn't pose her!]

this is more like it.

How does a frustrated toddler convey that he would rather not have his photo taken?
"no cheese!"
Fine! I didn't want to take your photo anyway!

. . . later on, back at my house. . . .
Sydney wouldn't stop talking and Sadie yawned. I love this photo! It says so much about both of them. . .


Expect lots and lots of posts coming up - I finally have a little room to breathe and catch up. Sooo - look out for lots of eye candy:
Codi & Jon - wedding
Amos - puppy!
Emilie & Wes - wedding
Laura & Pat - engagement
Ashley - senior
Coby & Mike - wedding
Kristina & Tim - engagement

the weddings will most likely be BIG posts, since I've got nothing but positive feedback about the mammoth posts! Thanks so much for answering my question!

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Emily said...

Can't wait to see all the new work, Megan! I'm looking forward to our engagement session in Oct, too. Yippie!

Seriously, I may have a problem... I check back to your blog so often to see if you've posted stuff. I'm like a kid in a candy store when I see new work!! :)