Dameron Family Photos

I was asked to take photos of this large, happy family. Lots of kids, and lots of laughs! Here are some of the photos from my session, just before Easter.

all 10 kids, as still as they can be . . .

same kids, about 2 seconds later

a shot of the whole family: Grandma & Grandpa, with their 5 kids and 10 grandkids. Whew!


Remote Hog Rocky Racoon

My husband and I don't have kids yet - we have dogs. Two of them: a beagle, Sexy Sadie, and a maltese, Rocky Racoon [big Beatles fans, if you didn't already guess]. I saw Rocky last night sleeping with the remote, and I had to take his picture. I turned it around to make it more funny, though. He was so tired, I don't think he noticed.

Here's a pic of Sadie from a while back [I have to treat them equally, ya know]

Sadie's really good at posing for pictures. She's very used to it.


Miss Maya

I've had the pleasure of photographing Maya every 3 months since she was born. Last Friday we had her 6 month session. She's growing into a very fun and happy little lady! Here are some photos from our session.

fun with tissues

she really had fun!


Barrett pt. 2

Barrett has many 'faces' - he's a very expressive baby. He has good 'serious' faces, but I like the funny ones best. Here are a few from our session last Thursday.
I get this a lot from people. Maybe it's me. . . .

So serious. . .



I've been taking Barrett's photos every month since he was born. Thursday I got to play with him for awhile, and I took his 10 month photos. Another happy, smiley baby! I'm pretty lucky!

I had a hard time narrowing these down, too, so expect more later!


Tripp pt. II

As I said before, it was hard to narrow them down! I couldn't leave it at just 5 when I worked on these. So, here's part 2 of Tripp's shoot - formal portraits with studio lighting. Enjoy!

This is Tripp's awesome and beautiful bed. He loved that blanket!



I had a really hard time trying to narrow down these photos of the very handsome Tripp. He is very photogenic, even though he was feeling a little under the weather the day of our shoot. Still, I managed to get a few smiles and those big blue eyes.


Miss Ava's First Birthday

I recently had the honor of photographing pretty little Ava. Her first birthday is coming up, and I got to spend some time with her. Here are some photos from our session:

About a week before, she had broken her arm. Poor thing! It didn't seem to bother her, though. She was a very happy kid!

Cute, huh?



Hello and welcome to my blog! Be sure to check back for new updates on all of my photographic endeavors. . .