Recently I was lucky enough to photograph a pack of 4 shih-tzus - talk about a houseful of cuteness :) I grew up with shih-tzus, and I hope I've captured their personalities - small, quiet and attention-loving.

First up is Sophie!

she's soooo photogenic! I got a lot of her, mainly because she let me :)


this is Bella - she loves attention the most and is really friendly :)

Meet Lucy - silly and quirky - always wants to make sure she's not missing out on something fun

This is GiGi - she doesn't like her photo taken and this was all I got before she disappeared :)

Last but not least is Louie the parrot! [sorry Amy I don't remember exactly what kind]
He provided the soundtrack for the shoot :)



Beth Berry said...

Everyone should have hardwood floors in their house for photos :) I love Bella and the bird is great!

Jen M. said...

They are so cute!