Fallan & Trevin

Yesterday was my sister's birthday, and she requested some photos of her and her husband. She eloped in Vegas[!] a year ago, and her wedding photos are from a cell phone [and her own sister a wedding photographer]. They're both med students at Mizzou, so we took advantage of Columbia's awesome trails and nature areas for photos. She requested more wide angle shots than portraits, so I humored her. Here are a few from yesterday afternoon's session:

I know she wanted more of them really small in the photos, but I had to take a few close-ups :)


Christy & Cody are engaged!

I spent an afternoon last weekend with Christy and Cody, who both went to high school with me. I'm photographing their wedding in December, so we had a session in warm weather, in downtown Cape Girardeau. Here are some from their session:

there are lots of great textures and colors all over downtown Cape, just like this one!

Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to your Christmas wedding!



Monday I was lucky enough to participate in a fun photo bash hosted by the lovely Michelle from Under Grace Photography. The model was Crista from Studio 7 Photography, and we had fun with her and her dress, and the awesome setting of the Hyatt downtown here are a few:

this one's my favorite! I'm a sucker for dramatic lighting :)

after her bridal session, we took her fiance out of hiding and went out for a fun e-session

now there's a man who knows how to dip his woman :)

more drama at the metro station


Jody and Jeff, the real post

Jody and Jeff had a super-sized e-session in Chicago last week. I was already there, why not? We had a great time all afternoon, with perfect weather. I took a lot, so I had a really hard time narrowing them down for the blog. This is the best I could do :)

Jody has a great smile, and they laugh a lot - I love that!

this one's cute - I love the way she looks at him

I can't wait to see her as a bride!

we stopped for some refreshments at a place on North Beach, and there was this awesome red wall - of course I made them stand in front of it!

While we were walking around, we found some yummy light in Lincoln Park

they even treated us to dinner - thanks guys!

this is neither Jody nor Jeff, but the Tin Man in Oz park - very cool! and kinda creepy. . .

I can't resist a dark alley :)

thanks guys for a great time! I can't wait for your wedding!


Michelle & Gabe are married!

I'll post more of my Chicago session in a few days, but right now I'm gonna tell you about the beautiful wedding of Michelle and Gabe. It was an unbelievably gorgeous August day [the weather recently has been a-m-a-z-i-n-g] and Michelle has awesome taste. The day was perfect, and I have lots of photos to share - it was hard to narrow them down!

Hanley Road Baptist Church - very pretty!

I just can't get over how beautiful this little girl is!

they got a cool trolley to cart them around town

I love Michelle's choice of color! So bright and fresh - perfect for the middle of summer

she was such a cool and relaxed bride - never got nervous!

the couple is so easy to photograph! so at ease with each other

they stopped at Lucas Park Grille on Washington for some pre-reception fun. I had fun with the lighting!

they both met at the Field House in Columbia, so all of the drinks at the bar were served in Field House cups! I love it!

the Sheldon is a really great place for a reception! I love the lights

I told you there were a lot! They take really great photos, and I couldn't stop!
Stay tuned for pics from Chicago.