I Heart Faces photo contest!

I read Jasmine Star's post from yesterday [at least I think it was yesterday - it's been a little crazy around here lately] and instantly was interested - she's judging this week's 'I Heart Faces' contest, in which the theme is 'wedding bells.' I've got a few wedding photos on my hard drive and I thought 'what the hell - I'll do it!' That and I just really love this shot of Erin and her mom - so sweet!
I love how weddings just make people happy - they didn't even know I took this shot, but I think it really captures their real personalities and their relationship :)

So wish me luck!


Erin + Michael

A beautiful wedding with beautiful people = a TON of photos! I'm gonna keep the jabber short since I should have left the house about 10 minutes ago to get to a meeting :)

one of my favorite shoe shots - I love that texture!

[I love the getting ready shots!]

Erin's very pretty, and VERY easy to photograph!

[This shot was taken at exactly 11:52! They have a great tree in their front yard]

her ring was beautiful! and his ring was his Dad's - how sweet!

this is what happens when you have 5 really young flower girls and ring bearers :)

this is her reaction when the priest referred to her as 'Mrs. Hopfinger'

those darn Catholic ceremonies don't always have 'the kiss' so I made them stop to do it :)

I really love this shot! All of the clouds are pointed at them!

reception was at Windows on Washington - always nice!

they had an ice cream bar for their guests instead of a cake - I love it!


The End! Congratulations you guys!!!


Katie + Travis • e-session

After little Ali's session a while back I met up with Katie and Travis - a September bride and groom who happen to have graduated with me. It was great - we hung out, caught up with each other, and had some Dairy Queen to top it off :)

they brought along a 1948 Chrysler limousine [sorry guys if I got the year wrong!] for the pics - you'll see more of it later!

we just drove around downtown Cape and found lots of cool and rundown places for pics

[it's fun to play with their height difference!]

it was a cloudy day but there was some awesome light in that rundown building!

the sun finally came out a little past sunset time, and gave us really pretty golden light [I was a little pumped about that!]

I love that car :) and yes, they're bringing it to the wedding!


[still fun to play with their height]

The End!

thanks guys for choosing me! see you in september!



Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!
A few weeks ago I had a session with one of my most favorite little girls to photograph - miss Ali! I hung out with Ali and her Mom and Dad [who I've known for years - another reason why I love photographing this family] and I feel that this is the perfect Father's Day post. Ali definitely has Matt wrapped around her tiny little finger and it's really cool to see him be such a great dad :)
She's such a happy baby, full of personality and the biggest smiles around :) She's growing into a super cool kid who never fails to make me laugh!

I think she'll make you giggle a little too. . . .

so many faces!! a very expressive little girl :)

Ali got to spend her day playing with Dad - starting with a little toss in the air
[no babies were harmed in the making of this photo]

then we played with bubbles [who doesn't love bubbles?!]

I know I posted this one already, but I really like it :)
[I think she's gonna be a photographer. she was constantly grabbing at my new 16-35mm lens - she knows a quality toy when she sees it!]

Dads are tons of fun!

The End!