Lynn & John

I'm on vacation this week, and I'm currently blogging from our hotel room in Missoula, MT, and I thought I'd share a recent shoot with you.
I shot Lynn and John's engagement session in New Town last Sunday. It finally wasn't cloudy! They're a fun couple and they were always laughing. - my favorite kinds of people :) Here are a few from their session:

they brought along their super cute daughter

very pretty but a little camera shy - I can't say I blame her :)

thanks, guys!


Kristin + Lane

Lane & Kristin are getting married in just a few short weeks, and I couldn't be more excited! Kristin is a graphic designer with great taste, so I'm sure all of the details will come together flawlessly. I spent some time with them recently on Mizzou's campus [felt great to be back, btw]. As usual, rain threatened the whole time, but didn't start sprinkling on us until we were finished. So - without further ado - here are a few from their session:

Kristin is so beautiful - I can't wait to see her in her dress!

Thanks guys! See you in a few weeks!


Margery & John

Margery and John got married on Flag Day, on yet another ridiculously hot day. The ceremony was indoors, so no worries! I got lots of great pictures of Marge's beautiful smile, and hang out with her super fun maids. John and his guys weren't so bad, either :) Here are some from their day:

I love how the red pops on her dress - very unique

She was truly radiant - don't you think?

ya know - for flag day. very fun!

I love flower girls! They're always adorable!

He is definitely all boy - very spunky! I think he was saying 'cheese' here :)

the cute couple, taking in some peace between the ceremony & reception


Nancy & Matt are Engaged!

Nancy and Matt met me at Forest Park on a beautiful sunny morning, just before it got really hot, otherwise we might have melted. We got lots of beautiful photos, since the sky was perfectly blue [the same color as Matt's shirt]. It doesn't hurt that you could see the love in their eyes as they looked at each other. Here's a few from their session:


MeLinda + Brian

MeLinda and Brian are engaged! I met with the very cute and very fun couple a couple of weeks ago, for their engagement shoot at Anheuser Busch. I'd never been there before, so it was so much fun! Ominous clouds threatened the whole shoot, but it didn't start raining until we decided to head back to our cars. Here are a few from that afternoon:

one of my faves

we had a spectator for a little while - check out the hosta leaves already nibbled on! He was hungry!

this green door at the stables was awesome - it photographs so well

Thanks guys for a fun shoot!


Lena & Dustin, part 2

This couple is so much fun! They photograph really well. I had so many photos to post yesterday I decided to post these portraits and details separately.

I thought the back of this dress is so vintage-y and beautiful, I made the image dark, rich, and aged - my new favorite thing to do to images

we found this great old barn, just down the street from the church. I was really glad when they agreed to go there after the ceremony


Lena + Dustin = Awesome Wedding!

What a fantastic wedding! The conditions were perfect - blue skies, a fun couple and wedding party, and a storybook church. It was crazy hot [95˚ or something ridiculous like that] but the heat didn't melt everyone's spirits! I had a great time, and the photos reflect the awesome day. I had a really hard time narrowing down photos for the blog, so today I'm posting photos of the day, and tomorrow I'll post photos of Lena & Dustin and some details. Enjoy!

St. Paul Church, in St. Paul, MO - perfection!

I got to follow the groom around for a change! Here he is for a last-minute adjustment.

the very photogenic ring bearer - he's so cute!

they were so relaxed they were cracking up during their vows!

she is so genuinely happy, I can't help but smile when I see this pic

the ladies, very pretty in pink

the stunning cake - very tasty!

they got each other pretty good, but I think he got the worst of it :)

the reception was a blast! I love when everybody dances! Here's Dustin, doing his trademark shimmy - I love the look on the bridesmaids' faces!

two hops this time!

and everybody clap!
Thanks guys for the great day and the great pictures!