Barrett's First Camping Trip

I had this Saturday off, so my husband and I went camping with his family. Barrett, who has appeared on my blog before, is my husband's little brother. He also happened to turn 1 this weekend! We had a blast enjoying the perfect day, and I got some cute pics of Barrett enjoying his first cake. Here are some highlights:

Big brother Justin [my brother-in-law, not my husband] likes to wear a bandana, so Barrett got to wear one. I think he likes it!

This is Justin - he and Barrett have the same haircut!

not so sure about this yet . . .

getting the hang of it now . . .

yeah. it's pretty awesome.

big sister Sydney got to join in on the fun


Katie + Tim

I had the pleasure of spending some time with one of my couples on Sunday in Grafton, IL. It was a beautiful day, and I had a blast with them! They're so funny - we all had a good time. Katie is hot and has a beautiful smile, and Tim is super laid back with a great sense of humor, so great photos were not hard to get. Here are a few:

the hair, the smile, and she's tall! I'm green with envy :o)


this was hilarious! I love that they love to have fun!

Thanks, guys! I can't wait until your wedding this fall! Should be a blast!


Elissa + Larry

Hello! We finally had a gorgeous day Sunday, and I got to spend some of it in Forest Park, with a fun couple. We couldn't have asked for nicer weather, and we got some great shots. Here are a few:

if you couldn't already tell, we had a lot of fun with the tulips at the Jewel Box

Stay tuned - I had another engagement session on Sunday with another great couple!


Ashley & Beau • 4.19.08

What a wonderful wedding! Even though Saturday was dreary and a little drizzly, everyone was in high spirits and had a great time. Ashley has a great smile, and we saw it frequently - she couldn't stop! Anyone who was there could see Ashley & Beau's love for each other. I'm going through the pics now, and there were so many happy faces I could barely narrow them down! Here are a few of the many photos I took that day. I'll start off with the shoes, 'cuz they're my favorite part:

the two adorable, camera-loving flower girls

her pearl necklace had been worn by both of her sisters and her sister-in-law. I love traditions!

all of the ladies loved to goof around - that makes everything tons more fun

check out those lashes! a truly beautiful bride



I was referred by Michelle Ross to Max and him mom to shoot his Senior Session. He had already taken the photos for in the yearbook [my least favorite part, anyway] so we got to just have fun! It was overcast, cold, and extremely windy, but I think we had a good session. Here are some highlights:

he spotted this alley, which had great light

a very cool graffiti wall by the river


Miss Moriah

I've been extremely lucky, and I've taken photos of yet another happy baby. This session is for Moriah's first birthday. I think she liked me - she wouldn't sit still because she was too busy getting up and walking toward me and my camera! But, with a happy baby, it's hard not to get a good shot. Here are some of the best:


Barrett's 11 month session

Another month has passed, so it's time for another Barrett session! He's 11 months old now! Time flies so fast. Here are some photos from Tuesday's session.


great day for a "w-a-l-k"

Today is a great day to take the kids to the park, or in my case, my dogs. We went for our first real walk of the season - it's not cold and it isn't raining! The dogs had a great time and were really happy when we got back - and kind of tired.
Sexy Sadie

Rocky Racoon, hamming it up for the camera :o)


Baby Huckabee [in utero]

Shane and Debra are friends of ours - Shane works with my husband, so we all hang out together. Debra is a very good wedding assistant, and she shared the news in October that they are expecting! Now that she is WAY into her third trimester, we had her maternity session this past Wednesday.

This was her idea - I love it! She was right at 43 inches - very fat, indeed :o)

I love how the light catches her 'outie'

The happy parents