oh the joys of working from home

What's going on here, you ask? No, not quality snuggle time. That, my friends, is a seriously stinky beagle, sucking up because she knows she needs a bath. About 20 minutes ago she came inside and the stench hit me like a brick.

She's a hound through and through - see that orange-y red tinge on her ribs? That would be rotten tomatoes she just rolled in. Ever smell rotten tomatoes on a beagle? Unfortunately this is my second time and I knew it immediately. It's heavy, hot, and putridly sour [yeah, kinda like vomit, if that's what you were thinking].

"I don't need a bath, mom - dontcha want to rub my belly instead? I'm super cute!"

[this was taken after the bath had been drawn and she knew it was time. . .notice her tail sort of between her legs and the worried look in her eyes. this beagle hates baths.]

Anyway - look for an engagement session post soon! I was working on those pics before I had to stop to give Sadie a bath. Definitely didn't want that smell to permeate the whole house :)


Beth Berry said...

Ha! She is the happiest beagle ever right now!

Taisiya said...

She is so funny! She thought she had you fooled :)