Debra :: Bridals

I was so excited for this shoot, anxiously awaiting the day. Then it rained. BUT - it's a Trash the Dress, and her ceremony is long over, so a wet ground made no difference to her! Plus the dark sky made for some nice, moody images.

I love this!

I love a bride that's not afraid to lay down in the grass :)

"hey look! the sun came out! hurry - go stand over there!"

i LOVE this one!

. . .now for the fun stuff!

yep. fearless.

another favorite!

preeeeettttyyyy light.

bubbles in a body of water kinda gross me out, but I wasn't in the water so I didn't care - they look cool :)

The End! Thanks for the fun afternoon Debra!


Brit said...

These are great! I could definitely lay in the grass. Now, the water is another story.

Michelle Ross said...

GORGEOUS! She has a great profile and you really brought out her delicate beauty. Yay Debra!