Alisa + Mike

Alisa and Mike had their e-session a few weeks ago and brought Derbie, their super cute Westie. I love when pets are brought along! That way I get to have an excuse to play with a dog in a park for awhile :) Here are a few from their session:

He's soooo photogenic! He posed for the camera like a pro :)

Haaahaaaaaa! If you're a dog lover, you can tell he has a fun personality :)

Alisa and Mike are alright, too :)

Thanks guys for letting me play with your dog! You guys are gorgeous and I can't wait for your wedding in November!


Kendra, class of '09!

Kendra is a really fun and super sweet girl, and I'm happy to have gotten to photograph her :) Her family is really nice, and she has the coolest dogs to play with [which I'm always a fan of]. And, she has horses that I got to play with - and they were gorgeous! We started off her session in a creek bed - that's the start to an awesome session!
And just to tease her mom, here are a few:

look at how awesome her eyes are!

I told you the horse was gorgeous!

Thanks Kendra for being so awesome!


Casey, class of '09!

Casey rocked her Senior Session a few weeks ago - she's tall and thin with legs up to here - how could she not take awesome photos?! We had a fun morning hanging out in downtown Cape, and we had awesome weather. Here are a few from her session:

I still love that blue door :)

and yes, she brought along some awesome shoes :)

this alley never lets me down - I can always get some nice shots [especially when I can catch the sun like this]

i REALLY like this one!

so cute!

check out her awesome eyes!

Thanks Casey for an awesome session! Have a great year!


Cassie & Danny!

They couldn't have asked for a more perfect day :) The sky was blue, it was warm [but not hot - yay!] and all of their friends and family were so much fun - you could definitely feel the love that day. This post is long overdue [dumb computers were holding the pics hostage] so it's extra long - I know Cassie's been waiting patiently :) So without further ado, here we go!

a wonderful setting - an adorable country church

I love when rings are engraved - it's so personal and touching :)

the rings come before the shoes today, since I just bought my awesome macro lens and I couldn't have gotten this shot before this wedding!

there they are :)

lots of wonderful light in the room where they got ready; that's Cassie's sister doing her makeup

little booger tried to catch a peek [he didn't]

isn't Cassie gorgeous ?!

her bow was lovingly tied by her mom. . . . .I love weddings!

all the kiddos cleaned up nice :)

this awesome building was just feet away from the church - and the light was perfect!

Cassie made her bouquet [and everyone else's - AYKM?!], and attached charms dedicated to her loved ones who couldn't be there.

some fun before the reception :) this was an old store front that I'm pretty sure is someone's house now, but no one made us move or anything - we didn't really care anyway.

they were so much fun! when I suggested a 'Charlie's Angels' pose, they were all over it!

such a fun group of girls - they made the day fun!

Here's Danny, looking very handsome [I kinda want to call him Handsome Dan; quick - name that movie!]

poor Chris was the only minor :)

Cassie is very fun to photograph - she's up for anything, and she's always beautiful! remember her bridal session?

her mom and dad had this photo taken at their wedding, and they requested the same photo at the same spot. I think we did pretty well!

The End! Thanks for letting me be a part of your wonderful wedding day!


Brooke, Class of '09!

Brooke came to me through her good friend Amy - you might remember her from an earlier post :) We spend a fun afternoon running around and getting some really fun shots. She has awesome red hair and had some beautiful shoes - so you know we had a blast!
Here are just a couple from her many shots:

workin' the supermodel hair!

yeah - I know!

the breeze really worked well for us that afternoon :)

this is one of my favorites of the day - the light, the color, everything!

I think she looks like she could be in a Botticelli painting

I'm totally jealous of that hair!