Look how big he's getting!

Sorry about the break in blogging - I've had some computer 'issues' that have kind of held me hostage for a few days :)  On the bright side, I now have 2 new computers to work more efficiently this year!  

Anyhoo - I just thought I'd share some recent pics of Barrett!  Look how big he's getting!  I had a play date with him a few weeks ago [well, I just got to watch him play and make sure he didn't do anything he's not supposed to!] 
He's definitely a ham - whenever I got my camera ready, he was waiting with a biiiiig grin :)

apparently something interesting happened on tv :)

just chillin' on the coffee table!



Meet Ryder - your typical independent, hard-headed little boy who has that sweet smile that makes your running around worthwhile [when you can get him to slow down for a second!]

he has the coolest race car bed!

he just really wanted to play ball. . .

he loves music - in the hour or so I was there, he played drums twice, piano, and guitar :)

he had to take a break and make a few calls. . .

there's that smile I was talking about :)



A few weeks ago I got a call from Rose [Moriah's mommy] asking to do a quick session so she could surprise her husband for Valentine's Day. Now that it's after V-Day I can finally post some of her photos! It was a gorgeously sunny day, and snow still blanketed the ground - I think we got some great shots around downtown Farmington.

this one's my favorite - I love that light!


Baby Lucy!

Baby Lucy was born on February 4th to some good friends of mine, and I got to take some newborn pics of her beautiful little mug on Saturday :) She is the best little baby - I think I may have baby fever again. I'm not gonna blab on and on, because who doesn't want to see pics of a beautiful baby?

babies have lots of expressions, and I call this one 'suspicion'

I don't know what to call this one, but i like it :)


Lucy has the cutest yawns, btw

such a little doll!

she has the sweetest little smile, too :)

"huh. well what the heck is that?"


see? the cutest yawn ever!

while Lucy was taking a chow break, I focused on big sister Haley for a little while. She's also extra cute, and she's a toddler, so I had to be QUICK! Check out those eyelashes!

this one's my favorite - she was all about the princesses that day!

Lucy came back - sleepy from her snack - and she taught me a few things. #1 : breathe deep

#2 : be extra aware of your surroundings

#3 : sleep hard

#4 : dream happy :)

Just thought I'd spread some smiles :)


Shelby & Adam

I met up with Shelby and Adam a few weeks ago on a COLD but gorgeous late January day. When we scheduled the shoot, we decided to start at Steinberg rink - where else? We couldn't have asked for a prettier day - or two prettier smiles :) On to the photos!!!

the rink is a great place to people-watch :) A lot of people saw me hanging out with my huge lens, stalking a poor couple. I wonder what they were thinking . . .

yep - they smiled at each other like this the whole time :) And they were cracking jokes - a pretty fun afternoon, if you ask me!

if you look closely you can see their breath - it was cold I tell ya! but that's one of the things I love about this shot :)

Shelby's a little goofy - my kinda gal!

I LOVE this shot! I love it so much I posted it twice :)

I can't decide. Which is best - color or b&w?

The End! [pun intended]


the many faces of mr. brendan

here are some more the the camera-loving brendan. enjoy!


Libby & Aaron - part deux

Meet Libby and Aaron! They've got to be the cutest couple ever :) They were both all smiles that day and welcomed me whole-heartedly. I love them!

I love her veil - it was her mom's. Love that!

I'm in love with this lighting - you can tell because I posted two from the same set :)

It was cold but they were game, so we took advantage of the always pretty downtown St. Charles

The End! Thanks guys!!