the Gibbs family

Christy emailed me a while back wanting family photos. They're my kind of family! Almost just like mine - no kids, but dogs ;) Of course I said yes. I love dogs! After this, I think I may have to get photos of my family. . .

mom and dad


Smorky [he didn't like looking at the camera]


the whole family

thanks, guys! I had a blast with your 'kids'!


Maya, part II

Last time I showed you Maya's fun at the pool, and now here's the second part of her session. These were at her house, in her backyard, where she loves to be. She's always busy - so full of life! Here are a few:

always quick to smile!

I think she appreciated being able to run around :)

she didn't like when we made her stay still, though!

she warmed up to it, though. I think Mom is really gonna like this one!



I've been photographing Maya since she was 10 days old, and we already had her one year session! Crazy! I met them at the pool so she could swim her little heart out, take a good nap, and be ready for the real session that evening. Here are a few of my favorites:

Soon I'll post part 2 of her session!


Lane + Kristin . . . again

Yesterday I showed you pics of Lane & Kristin's wedding, and today I'm showing you their portraits! We had about an hour to photograph just them, and we had tons of fun since they like to be goofy. They are truly in love, and it definitely shows. I had fun making the pics dreamy and romantic - perfect for Kristin!

the beautiful bride :) [I love veils with blushers - so much fun to photograph!]

I love vintage brooches in hair - I did the same thing for my wedding!

I love this one - it reminds me of an old Dutch painting - the side lighting, the pose, the wood panels. . .

this hunk of the Berlin Wall was a lot of fun to play with - I especially love the cutouts

one of my faves - it's so serene and peaceful

can you feel the love?!

the sun came out by the time we got to Columbia from Fulton! I was so excited - and I LOVE the outcome!

another fave from the day - beautiful sun and a lovely couple:)

Thanks guys! I had a blast at your wedding!


Kristin + Lane

I've known Lane & Kristin for a while now [Lane is in Medical School with my sister], so I was so excited when their day finally came! Kristin is a Graphic Designer with impeccable taste, and they chose the Wren-designed church at the Churchill Memorial in Fulton, MO - which I had learned about in my Architectural History class in college! I was so excited to see the church, and to see how all of her much-thought-about details came together. Here's a photo of the church on the afternoon of the rehearsal dinner - gorgeous!

her shoes - very pretty :)

her colors were a muted fuchsia and taupe - very classic, but with a modern twist, just like Kristin

I love dresses with buttons!

the inside of the church has a TON of beautiful light - even on a rainy day like this one - Love it!

maybe I like buttons because I'm not the one who has to button them :)

I like how both Lane & Kristin's poses are almost the same - they're meant for each other!

[still love that light]

Lane's cousin did an awesome rendition of Ben Folds' 'The Luckiest' for the ceremony

the dancing was great! everyone seemed to have an awesome time. btw, LOVE her hair!

Even Grandpa got down!

Stay tuned - tomorrow I'll post more of just Kristin & Lane. The camera loved them!



I've been taking twins Gavin & Grant's pics since they were in the womb! They're 5 months old now, and we had a fun play session, and I got some great photos. Check 'em out!

Here's Grant - check out those big blue eyes!

both together here - in their yard. They liked hanging out nekkid :)

Now it's Gavin's turn!

and finally, big brother Logan's turn!


Lauren & Brad are Married!!

Lauren and Brad got married a few weeks ago, and my vacation put a slight damper on my blogging efforts :) The day couldn't have gone smoother, or more beautifully. Here are a few from the day:

They got married at Lafayette Park United Methodist in Soulard. I'm in love with this church! The rusticated architecture, the huge stained glass windows, everything!

And the shoes - of course!

Lauren made my job easy - not only did she plan everything out to the minute, ensuring everything went smoothly, she is impossibly gorgeous! And radiant! It's very easy to photograph her.

Her vintage lace veil was her mother's! How neat and special is that?! I love it!

yet another detail with a personal touch - the ringbearers' ring pillows - so cute!

Brad and the guys

yep. still love the church.

they had a rose petal sendoff, as they boarded their horse-drawn carriage. just like a fairytale :)

the gorgeous newlyweds!

the light was so fantastic in her suite, I had to take advantage while she was waiting for her entrance

the cake was flawless - I didn't get a piece, but it looked really good!

Brad had his own cake - paying homage to the Cards

Thanks guys for being patient and letting me go on vacation! You had a beautiful wedding!