Amos is the cutest little Border Collie I've seen! It probably helps that he's only 2 months old and looks like a tiny panda :)
We started off our session like I normally do, but I could tell right away that it was gonna take a while. The sweet, sleepy puppy I met a few days before turned into this:
yep. that's my shootsac.

that's Gracie, Amos' buddy and playmate

and yes, that's my ankle.


So - since he was a little spazzy, we went for a tour of the farm to wear him out a bit. We saw the goats:

. . .and the horse. . .

. . .and the donkeys. . .

This is Callie - Amos' mother figure - the resident Border Collie. She's really sweet :)

and Amos played with a big stick for a while

HAAAA! I love funny faces ;)

yes, that's his ankle :)

finally - a little tired :)

his mom has a lot of cool stuff that was great to take pics of!

so cute!

favorite :)


The End! I love puppy pictures!!


michelle said...

i love this post! love the captures and commentary!!!

Taisiya said...

The cutest baby puppy EVER!!

Jen said...

I want that puppy!!

Lisa Hessel said...

this is the most adorable set of puppy photos I have ever seen!

Lisa said...

These are the cutest pictures ever!!!! I have a border collie, Casey, that will be turning 10 in November, I only wish that I had puppy pictures that these. Awesome!!!!