Ashley + Nick

I'm coming to you today from the Panera in Cape Girardeau! I'm down for the weekend for my cousin's wedding - if you're waiting on an email, sorry! Getting ready for weddings seems to be really time consuming :) That said I popped in today to give Ashley a sneak peek of their wedding photos, so here they are!

Ashley & Nick are married! Their warm hearts shone through the beautiful ceremony, and you can see on their faces how happy they are together. On to the photos!

a girl after my own heart - hot pink shoes!

I love the combo of a single rose and a birdcage veil - classicly gorgeous!

Ashley - you have such a pretty smile!

definitely a favorite!!

Nick, looking very dapper [not to mention very calm and collected]

I LOVE this one! I like when guys like to have fun with photos :)

when I saw this sculpture of a shepardess, I couldn't resist. Rock on.

this wedding party was great - they were up for anything!


so cute!

I could tell it would be a great reception when they broke into a fun little number in the middle of their first dance - when the bride and groom get down, usually the guests follow!

the whole wedding party and most of the guests danced all night! I loved it!

this little guy had some moves that would put me to shame!

Thanks guys for a great day! Congratulations!


glamazini said...

beautiful! now, please have ashley esplain how i get my back and arms to look like that! fabulous!!! =)

Ashley Swoboda said...

aww...thank you so much! I am a personal trainer...so I live in the gym :)