Sarah + James

The last few months have been a little more than crazy for Sarah and James. She planned a wedding without really knowing the date [except that it would have to be on a Sunday], he came home from Iraq, they got married, took a breather for a few weeks, and now they're off to Germany! Holy crap! I hope I have this sneak peek up in time for Sarah to see her lovely day before she gets on the plane to be with her new hubby :)

her little brother made the arbor in their backyard - and it just so happened to be the perfect place to hang the dress for a quick photo :)

I had no idea how strong these little flowers were! They can hold a few rings quite easily :)

I love this shot!

so pretty :)

doesn't Sarah have the prettiest eyes?

so handsome :)

I've never had a suit shot so interesting before :)

she smiled like that all day ;) I couldn't get her to stop!

[James is gonna kill me for posting this, but I just love his reaction!]

gotta love a country wedding - so many beautiful places to photograph! oh yeah - favorite bridal shot of the day :)

Sarah really wanted a shot of she and James in a wheat field, and she had one in mind when we were planning out her day. We got there and realized that it had been cut just a few days earlier :) Figures.

no matter though - she was still pretty pumped :)

FAVORITE OF THE DAY!!!! [yes, it deserves all caps]

[don't let their cool demeanor fool you - it was sweltering hot that day! and he's wearing wool!]

James created their monogram [if I'm remembering that correctly] It brought the perfect touch, I believe :)

We snuck out for a few sunset photos, and so they could have a moment together. If you notice a little halo from the water, it's because it was so dang hot my lens fogged up when I stepped out of the air conditioning :)

Sarah and James, thank you SO MUCH for having me on your beautiful day! You guys are so wonderful together! Have a beautiful life in Germany!


Shanna K Moore said...
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Shanna K Moore said...

Beautiful work Megan!
Much happiness to Sarah & James, what a lovely couple, may god be with you both through your life and as you serve our country!

Taisiya said...

Love the country bride shot! So peaceful.

just Kourt said...

I know Sarah from school, and these pictures are amazing! Congrats Sarah!