Mindy + Chad [and Lily!]

Mindy and Chad have been married for a few years and it's time for their annual anniversary photos! Guess who was lucky enough to be chosen for this year's - me! I met with them on Washington Ave. for a session with them and their lovely little Lily.

these two can totally rock a serious face - and I definitely took advantage of it :)

gorgeous evening light in my favorite alley :)

believe it or not, this run-down looking garage was actually very busy - we had to keep stopping and starting to get a few shots :)

so cute together!

love me some seriousness.

Lily likes to just chill :)

I love this light! Definitely my favorite of the day!

Lily looks like a Muppet :)

Mindy looks like a superhero here - so strong and confident!

pulling off some seriousness.

The End!

Some of you guys out there may already know Mindy, as she's in the wedding business as well! She and her business partner Yara are event coordinators and they own Bridal Horizons. I've been to a few weddings in the last couple of years, and I can tell from experience that having a coordinator definitely pays off! Go check them out!


Brit said...

Can you tell me where that red wall is (the one in the pictures below the photo with the green wall). I am trying to find a red wall in town!

Jamie said...

Gorgeous couple, puppy, and pictures!

Ben said...

Awesome work! Love the "favorite alley" shot.