Sara + Marc

Sara and Marc were married on a gorgeous early summer day, and had the coolest big Italian celebration - I love Italian weddings [especially the reception!]
I met with Sara and her lovely ladies at the Seven Gables Inn in Clayton where they all got ready in a sweet suite:

my husband has some Italian family and this scene makes me feel at home - just like hanging out for dinner at the in-laws :)

her beautiful dress was worn by both her grandmother and her aunt, and the detailing was impeccable and incredibly beautiful!

Grandma seeing her dress in its most recent incarnation

this was her aunt's and grandma's reaction when they saw this:

a tribute to the women who wore the dress - what a beautiful and unique heirloom! this type of tradition is never seen anymore, and I love it; I felt like I was in an old movie, where the lovely bride wore her grandmother's dress :)

the dress is over 60 years old and all of the original buttons were completely intact - none had to be replaced!

I love this moment where mom put Sara's bracelet on her. . .

a classic beauty - I'm completely jealous :)

one of my favorite bridal portraits ever!

meanwhile - guess where the guys were. . . .the bar :) Favorite groomsmen shot ever!

the ceremony was held at St. Josephs in Clayton - just steps from the hotel [which made my day a TON easier!]

meet Marc, the lucky groom :)

coolest groomsmen gift ever! [Marc's from Chicago - don't judge!]

the super sparkly rings - I almost stole them. [jk!]

this pic is super bright, but I love it!

these two party in style [my kind of people!]

. . .maybe this is my favorite groomsmen shot. . . .it's pretty close!


[did you notice the heart? I didn't until I was editing - some observant photographer I am! I wonder what else I missed?]

I'm obsessed with all the white clover lately. . .

Love it! I brought my duaflex along since Sara loves photography [sorry Michelle for ripping you off!]

so cute! I love the khaki - simple and timeless [kind of a running theme, huh?]

LOVED the bridesmaids peonies - gorgeous!

in lieu of a cake they had piles of cannoli [did I mention that they are Italian?]

the reception was held at Norwood Hills Country Club - beautiful!

Sara - you're stunning!

The End!


CK said...


Your work is stunning!

Jamie said...

The first favorite groomsmen shot is ridiculously awesome. Love it!

Fallan said...

She looks like Meadow Soprano!!

Brit said...

I LOVE all of the dress tags. I'll be doing the same thing, but just gifting the tag to my daughter or daughter-in-law, WAY down the road obvi.

Michelle Ross said...

Oh! This is my FAVORITE wedding of yours so far. INCREDIBLE! The getting ready pics are so deep and rich! Love them!!

Ben said...

Excellent work Megan!

Emily said...

Dare I say this, because I'm not sure that it's even possible - is your work getting BETTER? How, why... wow. Amazing!