Kim + John :: Just Because!

I was booked on Kim's wedding day, so a few weeks after the fact she had me come out to photograph her and her new hubby just for fun and turn it into a Trash the Dress session! I was so excited! The day was beautiful and we roamed around my new favorite alley downtown. Here are a few of their many photos:

Favorite! I love that light!

another favorite! [well, all of them are favorites so I'm just gonna stop saying that now :)]

too cool.

I brought the top hat - I couldn't resist :)

I LOVE the colors in this one!

it was kinda stinky in that alley [a different one from my favorite but still waaaayy cool]

the water ones! I love these!! We did get a lot of curious looks though :)

The End! Thanks Kim for giving me this opportunity!


Beth Berry said...

These are hot. Love it when dudes can pull off the serious look :)

Taisiya said...

Very cool! love the water ones.

mxq said...

those are gorgeous!