Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

A few days ago I got to play with some awesome pups!! My love for dogs is no secret, and so I've decided to add dog portraits to my list of services! Here are a few of the debut sessions.

First up is Cooper, a lovable golden retriever mix. I couldn't resist naming the post after this show, even though Cooper's mom is too young to remember it ;)

favorite! although deceiving - he looks sweet and innocent here :) He's actually really crazy - just like a 3 month old puppy!

. . . .ready to pounce . . . .


awwww. . . .so cute :) [it was the end of the session - he finally tired out a little]

Next up is the crime-fighting duo, Paisley and Chopper!

yup. that's them!

the very adorable Paisley, ready for his closeup.

Paisley looks a lot like my Rocky, but all black instead of all white - he's really fun to hold :)

such a handsome little guy :)

they have a good relationship :)

Chopper is a 9 month old Boxer that likes to lean on me ;)

so cute!

HA! I love when dogs make funny faces :)

I love the beautiful bokeh on this one :) It makes me happy!

So - what do you think? Amy and Cassie - thanks for letting me photograph your wonderful 'kids'!

As you can see, my dog portraits are a little different than the studio norm - I prefer to photograph them in their own element, or at the very least in a park where we can have fun and play! I hope to capture little moments that show the dog's personality and the little quirks that make you giggle :) Email me for more info if you're interested!


Brit said...

Cooper is ADORABLE! Those pics are great!

Sheri said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE crazy LOVE these dog images....and I don't even like dogs that much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work!!

Emilie said...

i need to boo this after the wedding... for my 3 kids...rugrats..dogs whatever you want to call them!