Megan & Jeff!

Megan and Jeff got married earlier this month on an impossibly gorgeous day - the flowering trees were in full bloom, it was warm and sunny, and unlike this weekend, not windy! Megan planned for LOTS of photo time - which was greatly appreciated! So I'll keep the rest of the wedding brief - the bulk of the post is full of photos from the park where we went between the ceremony and reception :)

a little different shoe shot - but I just love all of the layers of tulle! It makes me want a poofy dress :)

yes. yes it is. :)

I love that smile - she's glowing!

nothing special, but I just really like the light on these shoes :)

the rings!

these are the shoes Megan changed into after the ceremony - they were hilarious! I'm sure she was the most comfortable of everyone there, though!

Ha! Beth caught this funny shot - I didn't even notice those guys up there!

Megan - you have beautiful eyes!

Jeff wears a tux well :)

Tower Grove [one of my fave parks] was particularly gorgeous that day!

This one's my favorite!!!! It's so velvety soft and ethereal - I think it's lovely :) And I swear it's on purpose - I focused on the flowers in the trees.

Beth got this great shot - I love it!

The reception was at Sybergs - I didn't know they did receptions! Not only do they have receptions, it was very pretty!

Their favors - I wouldn't have even known if I hadn't broken into mine right away :)

Congratulations guys!!


Darla said...

These pictures are so awesome;as the "surrogate" mother of the bride I was so blessed to be there that day and everything was just so magnificent. You captured everything in a very special way. Megan, you are such a terrific person and great photographer. Beth did an awesome job too. The engagement session was so beautiful also. LOVE your work.

Beth Berry said...

I forgot about the dudes on top of the ruins! These turned out beautifully!