still enjoying warm weather. . .

we're still hanging around in New Orleans, not doing much of anything :)

Cafe du Monde, where we started the day with the beignets and cafe au lait

yes. they're delicious. the coffee was good too!

yep - that crazy person is my husband :) he likes to get in the shots.

still him.

there are beautiful statues and green spaces everywhere, and if you look closely you can see everything is adorned with beads :)

I really like old doors.

Pierre Maspero's where we had lunch - the coolest restaurant!

I had the alligator po'boy - it was soooo good!

Brandon had the pork sandwich - it was good, too [although not as good as mine :)]


we were wandering around and saw that a little bar had a baseball game on, so we stopped in for a beer - mine's a local brew and it was very tasty :) a good way to relax on a hot day.

we took a little stroll last night after dinner [which was EXCELLENT but we were at a really nice place and it seemed kind of hoosier to take pics of it, so I didn't :) ]

We're off to do more relaxing today, then start heading back tomorrow, but slowly :) it's been nice being a bum :)


Beth Berry said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun! You picked a good week to go, it's of course still freezing up here!

Shanna K Moore said...

I love them all! My favorite city by Megan Thiele... doesn't get much better than this. Thank you!!!!!!!!!