Happy Easter!!

I'm a few days into my low-key vacation and it's been great! We're hanging out with some family for the weekend, and we're off to New Orleans this afternoon. Here's a short recap for what I've done so far.

We met up with Brandon's family to see the Memphis Zoo on Friday:

Brandon started off the day push-pressing Sydney. It soon became the theme of the weekend.

the Memphis Zoo is really nice, and they have Pandas! Here's one chowing down.

here's the other one - notice the 'leftovers' and the big gut :)

the Polar Bear habitat was really interactive - Barrett and Sydney had a great time. they could get so close!

Clearly it's time to go :)


After the zoo we all drove down to Ocean Springs Mississippi to visit Brandon's gramps and hang out for Easter [and stay for free! gotta love that!]

He took us all on a boat ride - it was so nice to enjoy being outside - it was sunny and about 75 degrees. I don't think I want to go back to Missouri for a while :)

Sydney had a blast when he picked up the speed a bit

Barrett liked it too :)

I love this pic! From left to right - my Brother-In-Law Justin, Sister-in-Law Sydney, and Brandon [my husband, if you didn't already know :) ]

Sydney's been extra goofy all weekend :)

Again the push-pressing. Like I said, it's been a theme. There were several other instances, but I thought it might get too dull to post all of them :)

Stay tuned for pics of New Orleans - it's supposed to rain, so we'll see how many I take :)

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