Introducing Raylee

Raylee is a month old, and is one of the calmest babies I've had the pleasure of photographing :) She started off a cooperative model - and a very pretty one!

here she is with mommy :)

she didn't even mind the studio lights. I love that tiny tongue sticking out!

baby butt!

after all that hard work, she deserved a nap :)

they had this great settee [is that what it is? or did I make that up?] perfect setting for a baby :)

great in black and white, too!

all snuggled up in a crocheted heirloom - I'm a big sucker for stuff like that :)

dontcha just love baby feet?

I LOVE this next series! She has such an expressive face - these were all pretty much shot one right after the other - and over a span of about 30 seconds :)

the one in the middle on the bottom is my favorite :)


Beth Berry said...

That red couch/"settee" really is perfect!

mxq said...

it IS perfect! great shots, megan!

Von DeVore said...

I WANT that settee! It's perfect for pictures!

And oh such an adorable baby too!

Anonymous said...

My neice and my great neice....what a beautiful moment! Erika is a beautiful mother and raylee is a dream come true!