Shelby + Adam - part 2

Yesterday you got a taste of Shelby and Adam's perfect spring wedding, and today you get to meet the couple! Both are so fun and welcoming - they made me feel like an old friend all day :)

I can't resist some drama, even with a sunny personality like Shelby's :)

she's breathtaking, isn't she?

Adam's got a great smile, and you could tell he was more than happy to make Shelby his wife. I love love!

What a gorgeous setting! There were magical spots like this all over Boonesfield Village - I wish I had all day to photograph there!

this one's definitely a favorite - I love the soft light from the setting sun!

so happy!

The End! Congratulations you guys! Thanks for a wonderful day!

**stay tuned for some fun travel pics with me and the husband! Not sure when, but soon - I'm on vacation, after all :)


shelbs said...

Wow! Too many choices. This is awesome. You are making my job hard now...:)

Beth Berry said...

These are all beautiful! Hope you are having a nice vaca!

shelbs said...

Thank you! Megan captured everything. I'm a med student, so I had to head back to school, but our vacation is planned for the first week of June and I can't wait. It kinda gives me something else to look forward to!