Codi + Jon

I'm back at home and back to work! Thanks everyone for being patient while I took my sweet time responding to your emails :)
Before I left for my lovely vacation I had a fun shoot with Codi and Jon in downtown Jefferson City, at the Governor's Gardens. The fields of yellow tulips were in bloom, and the sun was warm and low in the sky - perfect!

haha - guys always hate lip gloss :)

this is THE bench - the very one where Jon proposed :) Of course we had to get some shots there!

I know Codi will like this one - she loved the flowers :)

after a quick change their daughter joined us for some fun :)

she was so much fun!

I told her to give me a BBBIIIIIIIIIIGGG smile - this is what she gave me :) Codi - I think you need a big print of this one! You'll always smile when you see it!

They're really happy :)

No family shoot is complete without tickle time!!

Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to your summer wedding!

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