I Heart Faces photo contest!

I read Jasmine Star's post from yesterday [at least I think it was yesterday - it's been a little crazy around here lately] and instantly was interested - she's judging this week's 'I Heart Faces' contest, in which the theme is 'wedding bells.' I've got a few wedding photos on my hard drive and I thought 'what the hell - I'll do it!' That and I just really love this shot of Erin and her mom - so sweet!
I love how weddings just make people happy - they didn't even know I took this shot, but I think it really captures their real personalities and their relationship :)

So wish me luck!


ELisa said...

Hi Megan! I came across your blog through I HEART FACES and I <3 your pictures! I am also in the St. Louis Metro area... maybe we could meet up sometime for coffee or something!
<3 ELisa

Julie Rivera Photography said...

Oh, this had to be a treasured image from the wedding! How beautiful, natural and wonderfully processed. Very nice entry, to be sure!

Alisa Greig said...


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh. I just love this picture. It is so perfectly beautiful! I am glad you joined this week at I hear faces and I hope you will keep coming back! It is always so fun to meet new people and see new styles. Your pictures are lovely!