Morgan + Jarrett

Morgan and Jarrett are some of the most FUN couples I have - every time I work with them it's a blast! Their engagement session turned into a laugh fest at the zoo, and their wedding was just the same - like hanging out with old friends :)
I was with them ALL day, and she planned for lots of time for photos, so this one's a loooong post! Just thought I'd let ya know!

**oh yeah - she had gorgeous shoes and a beautiful home full of great spots to photograph them. Instead of one shot, I took about a hundred :)

I LOVE when brides choose a brightly-colored shoe!

I like this one a lot too :) If I had a fireplace I'd keep a pair of shoes on it. It's just too pretty!

Yep. That's Elvis. I couldn't NOT photograph the shoes with Elvis.

big peonies make for a perfect spring bouquet. and they smelled amazing!

Beth hung out with Jarrett and the guys while they got ready. . .

while I hung out with Morgan and her ladies :)

she has such a great, contagious smile :)

Libby kept Jarrett company while he waited for their 'first look' [a great idea to make your wedding flow smoother - Morgan and Jarrett will attest to that!]

here's she comes!

Haha! I love how goofy they are :) My kind of people!

Are you smiling? I told you it's contagious!

definitely a favorite!! I love details like this :)

[notice the random guy hanging out up there. I wonder if he was watching us. . . .]

Morgan, Jarrett, and some of the wedding party are part of the "Blue Crew" for the St. Louis Blues - so we had to get a shot of them in action :)

lots of fun with this party :)

since they met each other before the wedding, we had enough time to go all over the city for photos - so they have plenty :)

so cute! and then we were off to get hitched!

this one made me smile :) they got each other going, then they were both laugh-crying

don't they look so happy?!

the ceremony and reception were both at the Piper Palm House which made for a very laid-back, vintage-feeling atmosphere

a cute detail of the most fun groom's cake I've seen . . .

I couldn't wait to see this when they told me about it! I love it! And it worked!

great-smelling hors d'oeuvres for the cocktail hour. . .

Another unique detail - the Blues singer [who usually sings 'when the blues go marching in' at games] sang 'When the Bride Goes Marching In' for their announcement!

What a great way to bring on the reception :)

The End! Thanks Guys!!


mxq said...

i am officially OBSESSED with her shoes!

Jarrett said...

I can't wait to see the rest of these!

Jessie - Sister of the Bride said...

I LOVE these photos and can't wait to see the rest!

Maria - Mother of the Bride said...

I think the pictures of my little girl and new son are breathtaking . . . bring on the rest.

Beth Berry said...

These all look great! Morgan and Jarrett got so lucky with the rain holding out!

yaya said...

You can't hide love and these pictures speak volumes......... The Bride's Mother's YaYa

Alexandria said...

Wow, Morgan, those are beautiful!! Congrats you guys!!

Lori said...

Fabulous pictures; I love your smiles!

Emily said...

The happiness of this couple just oozes out everywhere - its like I feel as though I know them. Amazing shots as always, Megan!

Brit said...

Someone please tell me who is the designer of those shoes! Love them!

Jessie - Sister of the Bride said...

She got her shoes @ Nordstrom last summer - Brand is "Glint" and shoe style is called "Addison". I have the pink version - LOVE THEM :)

kendall.lange said...

AWWW!!! AH! So cute!
Me next? Please?
Just kidding, congratulations guys. It was a blast!!!

Shanna K Moore said...


You have affected all the viewers with your obsession of shoes. I'm telling you. BUT they were fabulous. Congratulations to this lucky couple, not only are they starting on a lovely & wonderful adventure--they had a beautiful wedding with THE BEST wedding photographer!!!