Katie + Josh

I was so excited when I got a call from Katie's mom when our schedules finally lined up and she booked me for her wedding! They're getting married in the town where I live [which is always awesome] and she's a super cool chick and will undoubtedly have a gorgeous wedding! I get lucky with the coolest couples :)
She was in town recently and we did their engagement session in a state park near Farmington. It was overcast, muggy, and we took a trek through the woods, but it was totally worth it! The photos look so timeless and romantic - I love them!

without a doubt, my favorite!! Katie - this would be jaw-dropping as a giant canvas [wink wink]!

ok - I really like this one too :)

we laughed a lot :)

the sun finally came out and gave us a beautifully-filtered light. I love these too!

The End!! Katie and Josh, I really look forward to your May 2010 wedding!!

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