Ashley + TJ

Ashley and TJ were married on a beautiful sunny and mild day in May, and had the quintessential spring wedding in St. Louis - it was more beautiful than I can describe. So, instead of trying, I'm going to show you A TON of my favorite photos from their day. Enjoy!

I have a weakness for dahlias :)

her hair and makeup were flawless, highlighting Ashley's natural stunning beauty

I loved their reaction when they saw her - it's so sweet!

the ceremony took place at the Lafayette Park United Methodist - one of my favorites!

such a gorgeous couple!

ha! we were photojacked :)

I love this beautiful lighting! Lafayette Park is a magical place :)

ABSOLUTELY a favorite!!!! [it's worth 4 exclamation points!]



I love this one!

the wind was working for us that day :)

[they're very photogenic - I couldn't stop myself]

I love those favors! [sorry Ashley, I took 8 home. I like them a lot]

Ashley's a designer, so there were lots of wonderful details, making the reception very comfortable and inviting. I want to live there :)

The End! Congratulations you guys!


Brit said...

Love the dress shot from underneath! Very creative!

Taisiya said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! My favorite is the one with the caption [they're very photogenic - I couldn't stop myself] I think it's the pretty soft light and their expression that did it for me :)