Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!
A few weeks ago I had a session with one of my most favorite little girls to photograph - miss Ali! I hung out with Ali and her Mom and Dad [who I've known for years - another reason why I love photographing this family] and I feel that this is the perfect Father's Day post. Ali definitely has Matt wrapped around her tiny little finger and it's really cool to see him be such a great dad :)
She's such a happy baby, full of personality and the biggest smiles around :) She's growing into a super cool kid who never fails to make me laugh!

I think she'll make you giggle a little too. . . .

so many faces!! a very expressive little girl :)

Ali got to spend her day playing with Dad - starting with a little toss in the air
[no babies were harmed in the making of this photo]

then we played with bubbles [who doesn't love bubbles?!]

I know I posted this one already, but I really like it :)
[I think she's gonna be a photographer. she was constantly grabbing at my new 16-35mm lens - she knows a quality toy when she sees it!]

Dads are tons of fun!

The End!

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Beth Berry said...

Wow she has great expressions, and beautiful eyes! Especially love the 2nd one!