Erin + Michael

A beautiful wedding with beautiful people = a TON of photos! I'm gonna keep the jabber short since I should have left the house about 10 minutes ago to get to a meeting :)

one of my favorite shoe shots - I love that texture!

[I love the getting ready shots!]

Erin's very pretty, and VERY easy to photograph!

[This shot was taken at exactly 11:52! They have a great tree in their front yard]

her ring was beautiful! and his ring was his Dad's - how sweet!

this is what happens when you have 5 really young flower girls and ring bearers :)

this is her reaction when the priest referred to her as 'Mrs. Hopfinger'

those darn Catholic ceremonies don't always have 'the kiss' so I made them stop to do it :)

I really love this shot! All of the clouds are pointed at them!

reception was at Windows on Washington - always nice!

they had an ice cream bar for their guests instead of a cake - I love it!


The End! Congratulations you guys!!!

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Life with Kaishon said...

What a beautiful job you did. Breathtaking! I love your work and your style! Very cool!