Morgan & Jarrett

I love engagement sessions. Not only do they allow me to get to know the bride and groom when they're not immersed in stress, they also let me hang out at the park for the afternoon. Morgan & Jarrett's e-session was a little different in an awesome way - we got to hang out at the Zoo! They're both members and Zoo Parents [which I totally want to become, btw]. We spent the better part of 2 hours milling around the zoo and enjoying the beautiful sunny afternoon. Here are a few of their [many] photos:

This little dude is awesome! Look at how his legs are crossed like he's just hangin' out :)

We rode the train [and I was the creepy person sitting in front of them, staring at them the whole time]

They laughed the whole time - but then again, how could you not have a great time at the zoo?

This one's definitely a favorite!

We rode the carousel for some more fun zoo-like pics. Also, I learned that even if you're an adult and are riding the giraffe [who doesn't go up and down] you absolutely can not ride sidesaddle. Bummer. Still a lot of fun, though :) And look how cute they are!

As I mentioned before, they're both Zoo Parents. Jarrett's the parent of a warthog, and there was one on the carousel! He's on the left :) Morgan's the parent of a meercat, but those are a little small to ride on.

they're so much fun!

The End! Thanks guys so much for inviting me out to the Zoo on a lovely fall afternoon :)

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