Erica + Mike

This is a mammoth post. Sorry. Well, not really sorry - I narrowed it down as much as I could!

From the first time I met with Erica and Mike I knew we would work well together. It was confirmed when we got together for their engagement session and all they did was laugh :) They are a beautiful couple and really love each other, but they still leave a lot of room in their hearts for friends, family and strangers [me!].
Not surprisingly, their wedding came together in a beautifully fantastic way. Jenn and Shelli with Alred Wedding Consultants brought all of the pieces together to create a classic St. Louis wedding.

I have been dying to shoot at this church!! It didn't disappoint, either :)


she smiles a lot - I like that about her :)

the look of approval from mom when she saw her daughter in the veil she wore to her own wedding - love that!

she's such a classic beauty - very easy to photograph :)

I love the gray tuxes!! They're so fresh, and look very dapper :)

Beth caught this last quiet moment before Erica walked down the aisle - I love this shot and I'm jealous I didn't get it :)

sooo big, and sooo much to look at!

I love her look of surprise when the priest told Mike to kiss his bride :)

always laughing :) love it!

showing off the bling on the trolley :)

I wanted to grab a quick shot of them together under the arch, and the wind caught her dress - I couldn't believe I caught that!

Beth caught this shot and I love it - it show's the sort of randomness that happens when you try to line up 20 people :) [yes, I cropped it to be skinny - there's nothing wrong with the browser]

so happy to just be together :)

this shot just makes me smile :)

the reception was held at the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park - the perfect setting for an outdoor party [I like this one - reminds me of a postcard]

wheatgrass centerpieces - simple and beautiful

they really took care of their guests - they brought in this couch for lounging after dancing their butts off

4 words: chocolate gooey butter cake. yes, it was as good as it sounds :)

lots of tasty treats :)

During dinner an amazing glow from the sunset warmed the whole place up - and they were awesome enough to let me pull them away from their guests to take some photos. These are some of my absolute favorites of the day :)

[this was Beth's take on the sunset - I love it!]

Erica - you're gorgeous!

first dance outside at dusk - perfect.

see how beautifully the reception came together?!

neat :)

Thanks guys!! I hope you had the honeymoon of your dreams in Fiji :)


Beth Berry said...

Yay! I've been waiting forever for this post :) You really captured their day beautifully, I'm sure they are ecstatic!

Brit said...

These are great photos! Any idea who made the bridesmaids dresses? I love those!

Julie said...

Thanks for posting these gorgeous shots. This gave Grandma H. a chance to journey through the wedding that she missed while in the hospital!

Emily said...

Gray suits, perfect... the whole style of the wedding is amazing - simple, elegant, chic... lots of inspiration and as always - AMAZING shots. The light mixed with the individual moment, couldn't be better. You're hired! :D