Blythe + Braelynn

I recently had a fun session with a good friend and her twins, Blythe and Braelynn - two of the spunkiest 8-year-olds I know :)

Blythe on the left, Braelynn on the right

that's more like it :)

they both like to give me funny faces, unprovoked :)

ha! I really like this one :)

both girls had a ton of shots of them, so it's Mom's turn!

awwww :)

time to . . .TICKLE MOM!!!

The End!

Shanna, I hope you're as happy as I am with these! I think I captured their goofy and lively spirits :)


Shanna K Moore said...

Thanks Megan, you are the greatest! Blythe says she likes the pictures, but still remembers all those bugs in the field.

Pamela said...

Wow! that last shot is stunning!