Cassi [one of my October brides] decided to have a bridal session, and I'm soooo glad she did! I love bridal sessions - they give me a chance to play with unexpected locations and have a nice relaxing time to get lots of great shots with just the bride. The weddings all about the bride anyway, right? She should get lots of attention :)
Here's a few from her session [no worries - she assured me her fiance never goes online]

When I pulled up, I was greeted by this guy - Paisley. He must've known I'm a dog fan, and he was super-friendly :) so cute!

I was so excited to see this location - abandoned, falling-down houses are my favorite!

This is what she looked like between shots - always laughing :)

so pretty!

another reason to play with bridal sessions - fun shoes!

This one's my favorite - I love bringing my pink chair along! It was starting to sprinkle, but the clouds just made the grass and trees extra green. Just beautiful :)

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Fallan said...

I want to pet that dog