Kendra, class of '09!

Kendra is a really fun and super sweet girl, and I'm happy to have gotten to photograph her :) Her family is really nice, and she has the coolest dogs to play with [which I'm always a fan of]. And, she has horses that I got to play with - and they were gorgeous! We started off her session in a creek bed - that's the start to an awesome session!
And just to tease her mom, here are a few:

look at how awesome her eyes are!

I told you the horse was gorgeous!

Thanks Kendra for being so awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Megan,you did a wonderful job.The pictures are gorgeous. You are a true artist, not just a photographer.Kendra was so relaxed; nobody else could have done that for her. All of the animals would have been daunting to other people. Thank you so much. Debbie (Kendra's mom.)