Amy - class of '09!

I love taking Senior Photos - especially when I get an awesome chick like Amy! Combine that with a great location and a gorgeous day and you get a ton of cool shots. It was really hard to narrow them down for the blog! There are so many favorites!

Right off the bat I heard the train horn, so I said 'hurry and stand over there!' What great luck!

We took the photos in downtown Cape Girardeau, where there is no shortage of cool textures and colors.

the shoes . . . THE SHOES!!!!

After the train had safely passed, of course :)

When I saw the yellow dress, I knew exactly where to go. How hot!!!

she's such a stunner!

and she's effortlessly cool - I'm jealous!

hotness. my favorite! She was totally up for any spot I chose - love that!

she had found this great alley before the shoot - I'm glad she took us there! I really like the random trees between buildings

yep. same alley.

again, same alley. the building is the same color as her dress - how cool is that?!


Thanks Amy! Hope you like them as much as I do!

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Studio 7 Photography said...

Yea for us and nailing awesome train shots. It was so funny, when I got mine, the thought almost didn't process!! Great images!!