This is Carter. He hates having his photo taken - can you tell?

Carter's Mom does my hair [she does an awesome job with my thick, crazy head of hair] and she asked me to photograph her son while he had his horse-riding lesson. I've only been to her once, and while we were chatting during my haircut, she asked what I do. When I said that I'm a photographer, she said 'wait - is this you?' and held up my business card. Well - yes, that is me :) Another client of mine gets her hair done at the same place and had shown off pics of her kids that I had taken. Weird how things like that happen!
Anyhoo - I met up with them during his lesson and took some photos of him in his cute outfit and with Jesse, the horse.

This is Jesse. He kept getting into the shot - he really likes having his picture taken :)

HA! I got one!

Carter's Mom wanted some lifestyle photos of him and his horse, not so much smiley photos. I think I got it :)

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