some fun. . .

It's been a little while since the last post - I swear I'm working!!!  I've just been out shooting like crazy!  I finally have a day to catch up on editing, though - in the coming weeks I'll finish up 3 weddings and about a dozen or so other sessions - I'm not kidding!  LOTS of stuff going on :)

But I'm not putting that here now :)  I took some super cute pics of my 'kids' yesterday and can't not post them - so here they are!

Sadie yawns A LOT.  In a 2 minute session she yawned about 5 times :)  I like 'outtake' pics!

An outtake pic of Rocky - so cute!!  Ha!

Here's a good pic [except it's kinda out of focus - dude doesn't like a camera in his face, so I have to catch him quickly!]

My beautiful girl :)


Anonymous said...

megan i just love the pics of the grandpups they are both so cute love ya see ya on sat.

Emilie said...

rocky looks so much like all 3 of my dogs