MeLinda + Brian

As I was driving up to St. Louis the morning of this wedding, let's just say I was worried. Very worried. Not only was it raining, there were torrential downpours, the highway I was driving on was flooded, and the tornado sirens were going off just as I left the house [yes, one touched down, but we only lost a little bit of a tree - we know several people who weren't so lucky].
I just felt bad for MeLinda - she's a cool chick and it was scary stormy outside the day of her wedding. She was ok with it, though, and we made our plans to head to the Muny so we'd have shelter while taking photos. My mind was racing with thoughts of what to do and what equipment to get out, but as we were driving the skies opened up to a beautiful sunny afternoon! It was amazing! So in the end we were able to take full advantage of the time scheduled for taking photos, and I'm very pleased with the results - MeLinda I hope you like them too!

Wow - I don't think I've ever written that much! I'm sorry! On to the photos!

the shoes. . . .I love it when brides have brightly colored shoes!

meet Evie - MeLinda's adorable daughter :)

LOVE this one!!!

this is quite possibly my most favorite getting ready shot. I love it!

this one's a close second :)

off to see Brian for their 'first look'!

my view

Michelle's view

she has such a great smile :)

Michelle brought along her tilt-shift! I love how dreamy it makes photos look :)

MeLinda is so gorgeous I couldn't stop taking photos of her!

She also has beautiful eyes, dontcha think?

the handsome groom :)

they gave Scratchers and a penny for the favors - love it!

ha! one of the ushers had this green fro wig, and Brian's son Nicholas had a blast with it :)

what kid can resist an open dance floor ?!

The new Mr. & Mrs.!

Thanks guys!

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