Mallie & Scott!

Mallie & Scott were married on a cold, dreary January day, but their wedding was bright and fun due to the warm and open personalities of everyone involved. Mallie is the kind of classic, put-together woman [the kind that I long to be] similar to Audrey Hepburn. She's on top of every detail, and she gracefully masters the art of understated elegance. Their wedding was no exception, either :) They had a classic white wedding filled with beautiful vintage details [my favorite kind of details!]. I had lots of favorites from the day, so I'm splitting them up into two posts: details today, and pics from the day tomorrow.
On to the photos!

Mallie wore gloves - how Audrey Hepburn of her :) I love it!

a simple strand of pearls - no doubt her first heirloom

hmmm. . . I think I need personalized stationery. How cool!! And elegantly understated, I might add :)

this ring [Scott's grandmother's] is the tiniest wedding ring I've seen. I think it's a size 4! It felt so delicate I was a little nervous carrying it around :)

the flowers were perfection - very organic and free - you can never go wrong with peonies and calla lilies :) they smelled amazing, too!

the cake smelled really good - it was covered in white chocolate shavings

I loved the dinner room [everything was held at the Randall Gallery], all white and sparkly - exquisitely timeless :)

Linkthis unique little sculptural detail was graciously provided by a groomsman :)

Stay tuned for lots more!

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mxq said...

Aww- i love this post! i have a soft spot for the RG. that's where my wedding was! i can't wait to see more shots.