Shelby & Adam

I met up with Shelby and Adam a few weeks ago on a COLD but gorgeous late January day. When we scheduled the shoot, we decided to start at Steinberg rink - where else? We couldn't have asked for a prettier day - or two prettier smiles :) On to the photos!!!

the rink is a great place to people-watch :) A lot of people saw me hanging out with my huge lens, stalking a poor couple. I wonder what they were thinking . . .

yep - they smiled at each other like this the whole time :) And they were cracking jokes - a pretty fun afternoon, if you ask me!

if you look closely you can see their breath - it was cold I tell ya! but that's one of the things I love about this shot :)

Shelby's a little goofy - my kinda gal!

I LOVE this shot! I love it so much I posted it twice :)

I can't decide. Which is best - color or b&w?

The End! [pun intended]

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mxq said...

great job, megan! i like color version better than the b&w- i always like the way the lens flare looks in color.