Baby Lucy!

Baby Lucy was born on February 4th to some good friends of mine, and I got to take some newborn pics of her beautiful little mug on Saturday :) She is the best little baby - I think I may have baby fever again. I'm not gonna blab on and on, because who doesn't want to see pics of a beautiful baby?

babies have lots of expressions, and I call this one 'suspicion'

I don't know what to call this one, but i like it :)


Lucy has the cutest yawns, btw

such a little doll!

she has the sweetest little smile, too :)

"huh. well what the heck is that?"


see? the cutest yawn ever!

while Lucy was taking a chow break, I focused on big sister Haley for a little while. She's also extra cute, and she's a toddler, so I had to be QUICK! Check out those eyelashes!

this one's my favorite - she was all about the princesses that day!

Lucy came back - sleepy from her snack - and she taught me a few things. #1 : breathe deep

#2 : be extra aware of your surroundings

#3 : sleep hard

#4 : dream happy :)

Just thought I'd spread some smiles :)

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Codi said...

Megan, these pictures are sooooo precious. I also loved your lessons..lol!